Our mission is to bring you the most delightful and diverse bubble tea experiences, right from London to your doorstep. Whether you're a seasoned boba lover or new to the bubble tea scene, we’re here to fill your cup with happiness and quality.

Our range boasts innovative features like patented no-splash dome lids, 18-month shelf life, vegan-friendly options, paper straws, and easy-peel lids, ensuring an unparalleled drinking experience. Indulge in our top-selling flavors, from Lemon Black Tea with Strawberry Pearls to Mango Jasmine Tea with Lychee Pearls.

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  • Dome lid cover - LOL Bubble Tea

    No Splash!

  • Long shelf life - LOL Bubble Tea

    18 Months Shelf Life

  • Vegan friendly - LOL Bubble Tea


  • Paper straw - LOL Bubble Tea

    Paper straw

  • Easy peel - LOL Bubble Tea


  • Temperature - LOL Bubble Tea

    +6°C +25 °C

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Indulge in our top flavours, hand-picked by bubble tea enthusiasts for exceptional taste and ultimate satisfaction

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