It is not just another bubble tea

Our brand is all about spreading smiles and laughter to bubble tea fans through our distinctive and vibrant flavours, each blend uniquely crafted to offer an exciting and comforting experience.

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  • Dome Lid Cover

    Your bubble tea stays inside the cup and not on your clothes - so you're good to go!

  • Long Shelf Life

    Long-lasting freshness and quality for a whoping of 18 months.

  • Vegan-Friendly

    No animal products were used in creating our jellies or drinks. Sourced responsibly!

  • Paper Straw

    Stretch the fun with our extending paper straws. Eco-friendly sipping, made easy.

  • Easy-Peel

    No spills or frustration with our easy-peel covers on cups – just lift, sip, and enjoy.

  • +6°C to +25°C Storage

    Perfectly stored at ambient temperatures to simplify stocking without the hassle of refrigeration!

LOL Bubble Tea - Grapefruit

Diverse Flavors - Endless Possibilities

Indulge in our bubble tea, where diverse flavours meet endless possibilities. From classic favourites to unique blends, every sip is an adventure that tantalises your taste buds and inspires your creativity.

LOL Bubble Tea range in pink

Premium Quality Range

Our bubble tea range is defined by an unparalleled quality in production and research. We meticulously select the finest ingredients, ensuring exceptional taste and freshness. Each drink is crafted through rigorous manufacturing processes, delivering consistent excellence.

LOL Bubble Tea Mango Jasmine Tea Flavour with Lychee Boba

Patented Design

LOL bubble tea range showcases a patented design that combines style with practicality. Each cup is meticulously crafted to ensure a distinctive and enjoyable drinking experience, reflecting our dedication to innovation. The unique design not only enhances the flavour but also elevates presentation, making every sip feel like a premium treat.





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  • William Henry Patterson

    "I've seen trends come and go, but LOL Bubble Tea stands out. Their premium quality and innovative flavours consistently impress my clients, making them a staple in our distribution network. Their streamlined supply chain and reliable delivery make it easy for us to provide retailers with a high-demand product that keeps customers coming back for more. It's refreshing to work with a brand that's as committed to excellence as we are."

  • Vanessa Leigh

    "LOL Bubble Tea blends quality and creativity seamlessly. Their diverse, distinctive flavours are spot-on for current market trends, making their products a hit among younger consumers. The brand's vibrant personality shines through its packaging and messaging, resonating perfectly with the audience. From concept to execution, they've nailed every detail, making them an exciting and reliable partner in the beverage space."

  • Paul Caldwell

    "As a food technologist, I value quality ingredients and innovative recipes. LOL Bubble Tea delivers on both counts. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every cup is consistently delicious, with flavours that are perfectly balanced and textures that elevate the experience. Their creative blends are a testament to their expertise in crafting drinks that appeal to a wide audience while maintaining the highest standards of quality."

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Bubble tea

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories bubble tea has?

The calorie amount in bubble tea can vary widely depending on the amount of sweetener and flavourings used. You can find a more detailed nutrition information of our LOL Bubbe Tea here.

What are the bubble tea balls?

The "bubble tea balls," also known as boba or pearls, are chewy tapioca balls made from tapioca starch derived from the cassava root. Original boba balls are typically black due to the addition of brown sugar or caramel colouring, but they can also be clear or coloured, and come in various flavours.

How much is bubble tea?

The cost of bubble tea varies depending on the location, size, and ingredients. If you would like to know the wholesale and RRP prices of LOL Bubble Tea - just send us a message!

How to say bubble tea in Japanese?

Bubble tea in Japanese is called "タピオカティー" (tapioka tii) or "タピオカミルクティー" (tapioka miruku tii) for tapioca milk tea.

How to stop bubble tea addiction?

Oh, breaking free from the life-consuming clutches of bubble tea addiction? That's a real uphill battle. Here's your survival guide:

  • Gradually reduce your consumption: Because we all know the crippling withdrawal symptoms from tapioca pearls are no joke. Those sleepless nights and cold sweats? Totally worth it.
  • Substitute bubble tea with healthier alternatives: Try to cope with the loss by chugging flavoured water or unsweetened tea. Sure, it won't have those delightful chewy pearls, but hey, life's about compromises, right?
  • Identify triggers: Pinpoint those moments when you desperately crave bubble tea and find creative ways to dodge them. Maybe take up a hobby, like avoiding all social gatherings or public places where bubble tea might be served.
  • Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet: Because nothing says “I’m over my bubble tea addiction” like guzzling down plain water and munching on carrot sticks. Yum!
  • Seek support: Reach out to friends or, better yet, a healthcare professional to navigate this perilous journey. They’ll surely empathise with your struggle to kick the bubble tea habit.

Good luck! Breaking free from those boba balls is clearly as monumental as kicking nicotine. Stay strong!

What is bubble tea made of?

Bubble tea is typically made of brewed tea (black, green, or oolong), milk or a milk substitute, sweeteners, and boba pearls. Variations can include fruit flavors, jellies, puddings, and other toppings.

What does bubble tea taste like?

The taste of bubble tea can vary significantly depending on the ingredients. The tea base provides a distinct tea flavour, while the milk or milk substitute adds creaminess. Sweeteners make it sweet, and the tapioca pearls add a chewy texture. Fruit-flavoured bubble teas will have a fruity taste, while others might taste more like traditional milk tea.

How much sugar is in bubble tea?

The sugar content in bubble tea can vary widely depending on the amount of sweetener and flavourings used. You can find a more detailed nutrition information of our LOL Bubbe Tea here.

How to order bubble tea?

To place an order for our LOL Bubble Tea, follow these steps:

  • Choose the flavour of the drink.
  • Decide on the size of your order (MOQ 1 EPAL).
  • Send us a message!

Interested? Reach Out for a Free Sample!